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Delivery days: Tuesday to Saturday
Where: Zürich
Information: Minimum order CHF 55.00, delivery fee CHF 11.00

Here's how it works: Order your favorite menu and we will deliver it to you within 30 minutes. Select your favorite menu in the shop, enter your address, pay conveniently with a card and the food is on the table.
Salmon menu
35.00 CHF
2 Nigiri sake
6 maki sake
8 Inside-Out Alaska Roll
8 Inside-Out Philadelphia
Fujiyama menu
45.00 CHF
2 Nigiri sake
2 Nigiri Maguro
6 maki sake avocado
8 Inside Out Alaska Roll
Vegetarian menu
40.00 CHF
2 Nigiri Shinko
6 Maki Kappa
8 Inside-Out Avocado Kappa
6 Vegetaria For You
Ito Menü
45.00 CHF
8 pcs. Inside Out Kenzo Roll
8 pcs. California Roll
6 pcs Maki Kappa
6 pcs. For You Roll Salmon
Inside-Out Koyama Roll
25.00 CHF
Salmon, spring onions, cucumber, mayonnaise, wrapped in fresh salmon Less
Kimchi salad
12.00 CHF
pickled Chinese cabbage Less
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